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SalaryBox Attendance Software is a comprehensive solution meticulously designed to streamline attendance tracking and revolutionize workforce optimization. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this software empowers organizations to accurately record attendance, facilitate real-time insights, ensure compliance, and amplify overall operational efficiency.

Key Features

Selfie Attendance: SalaryBox introduces innovative Selfie Attendance, enabling employees to clock in and out with a simple selfie. This biometric verification ensures accurate and secure attendance tracking.

Geo Fencing Attendance: The software offers Geo Fencing capabilities, allowing organizations to set geographical boundaries. Employees can clock in when within the designated area, preventing attendance discrepancies.

QR Codes: SalaryBox supports QR Code-based attendance, enabling employees to scan codes at designated checkpoints for swift and accurate attendance recording.

Biometric Integration: The software seamlessly integrates with biometric attendance systems, ensuring precise and secure attendance tracking through unique biometric traits.

Leave Management: SalaryBox empowers organizations to manage leaves efficiently, streamlining the leave application process and ensuring accurate leave records.

Roaster Management: The software simplifies shift scheduling, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring smooth operations.

Reports: SalaryBox generates comprehensive reports encompassing attendance data, leave records, and other attendance-related metrics, aiding data-driven decision-making.

Block Fake Attendance: SalaryBox employs advanced algorithms to detect and block fake attendance attempts, ensuring accuracy and integrity.


Precise Attendance Tracking: SalaryBox ensures meticulous attendance tracking, eliminating inaccuracies often associated with manual methods. This precision contributes to fair evaluations and compensation.

Real-time Insights: The software provides real-time insights into employee presence and absence, facilitating prompt decision-making and timely interventions.

Efficient Leave Management: Organizations can configure and manage various leave types, allowing employees to request leaves and managers to approve them seamlessly within the software.

Optimized Workforce Management: SalaryBox optimizes workforce allocation through effective roaster management, enhancing operational efficiency.

Enhanced Compliance: With features like Geo Fencing and Biometric Integration, SalaryBox ensures compliance with attendance policies, minimizing the risk of discrepancies.

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How to Create a Business Account in SalaryBox Android App?
1. Visit Google Play.
2. Search and download SalaryBox App.
3. Open the app. Enter your Mobile Number, and press Continue.
4. Enter Received OTP and tap on Continue.
5. Click on Create Company Account. 
6. Fill in all the business details and click on Continue.
7. Select the location of your company and click on Continue.
8. Now, enter your details and select the role. Click on Continue. 
9. Enter the details of the staff and click on Continue.
11. You can invite your staff by clicking on Invite Staff for free and sharing the link on different platforms. 

How to Create a Business Account in SalaryBox iOS App?
1. Visit AppStore.
2. Search and download SalaryBox App.
3. Open the app. Enter your Mobile Number, and press Continue.
4. Enter OTP.
5. Select the business account.
6. Fill in all the business details and add your employees.
How to Create a Business Account in SalaryBox Web App?
1. Visit
2. To create an account, enter your Mobile Number.
3. Enter Received OTP and tap on Continue.
4. Fill in all the business details and click on continue.